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About us

My name is Pat Hiley, the owner of An Angel Beside You. I am passionate about angels! I believe Angels guide us through our lives & all we need to do is listen to them. For many years, before opening my very own little angel shop in South Elmsall, Yorkshire, I have been holding Ask Your Angel parties, where guests can learn to hear their inner angels. I also sell angel crystal products, that are specially selected to help you find your angel and to be at your side and something to hold on to when you need you them.

Many people seek guidance during turbulent times in their lives, but for me, our angels are there for us always, beside us. They help us understand why we are happy & joyful and how to get the best from ourselves in every situation. Many of my friends & customers comment on how much joy angels have brought into their lives. Just a few testimonials are shown below and I hope you find inspiration from them.

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